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Your Report

What is waiting for you on the other

side of your test results


Great question! We all love results, so let's dive into what you can expect. 




No matter what test you take, the first place you must visit is your Kean Health Dashboard.

The dashboard will be your home-base. You can navigate all of your reports, save your favorite cards, and share to your socials.

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Know your gut. Trust your gut. 

Take the guesswork out of gut health and gain a deeper understanding

when you receive your Gut or Gut+ results.




The Gut Profile is a summary of your gut health!

Depending on which test you take, Gut or Gut+,

you will receive different levels of insight regarding:


      •       → Gut Grade
      •       → Gut Age (Coming Soon!)
      •       → Top Results
      •       → Low Results
      •       → Personalized Recommendations




How is your gut grade calculated?

Your Probiotic Profile
Your Diet
Your Microbial Diversity

Probiotic Profile


Check out the probiotic strains thriving or lacking in your gut to find the right probiotics for you.




Your Microbiome

  • BACTERIA LIST: A big ol’ list of bacteria detected in your gut, and what to do about it.

  • MICROBIAL DIVERSITY: In your gut, there are good bacteria and bad bacteria present. The goal is that you achieve microbial diversity which basically means that you have a balance of different types of bacteria in your gut. You’ll find your Microbial Diversity Score and our recommendations to achieve optimal microbial diversity.

  • PROBIOTIC PROFILE: Your result will show how many of the 17 probiotic properties and microorganisms we could identify in your gut.

  • THE GOOD GUYS: Your gut microbiome is a key producer of some essential nutrients such as certain amino acids, vitamins, and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) to name a few. These essential nutrients provide energy that promotes the healthy functioning of your gut lining cells and can even help reduce inflammation in your gut.

  • METABOLISM: Let's look at the factors that play into your gut microbiome's ability to process nutrients that support your overall gut and body wellness.

  • WELLNESS FACTORS: Not only is your gut involved in energy production, hormonal health, eliminating toxins, boosting skin health, absorbing nutrients, and essentially keeping your entire body in working order, it also affects your mood, sleep quality and so much more.

You look good in those genes.

By taking our Gene test, you can officially blame your parents and your DNA.




The Gene Profile is a snapshot of who YOU are!


      •       → Age
      •       → Gender Identification
      •       → Ethnicity
      •       → Nationality
      •       → Diet


      • The gene profile will also provide you with a summary of your Health status based on all 29 health traits provided in the Gene Report.

100+ traits that make you so undeniably you

Attractiveness to Mosquitoes
White Wine Preference
Sweet Taste Preference

Did you know?


Your traits are not just defined by your DNA, but also by the environment where you developed. That is why for each trait, you can see how this trait measures up around the world.


Your Traits

  • GENE SUPERLATIVES: The first and only Superlatives based entirely on your genes.

  • HEALTH: A look at how your genes affect your health. Traits include: Lung Capacity, BMI, Alopecia Areata, Average Blood Pressure, and more.

  • LOOK: How your genes impact the way you look. Traits include:

    early onset hair loss, hair thickness, skin aging, freckles, tanning, and more.

  • FOOD: How your genes impact your food absorption, production of vitamins and minerals, and even preferences. Traits include: Vitamins A-E, trans-fatty acid levels, lactose intolerance, and more.

  • SENSITIVITY: If you’ve ever wondered why certain things like caffeine or sour tastes affect you more than others, it has a lot to do with your DNA. Traits Include: bitter taste sensitivity, fat taste sensitivity, salt taste sensitivity, and more.

  • LIFESTYLE: How your DNA affects your lifestyle factors Traits include: Everything from ear wax, to body odor, to knee pain, and more.

  • NOVELTY: These are the things that make you so unique (and weirdly) you. Traits Include: alcohol induced flushing, persistence, risk taking, candy preference, and more.


Show us what you're made of?