Healthy Weight Spring Clean Your Gut

A Healthier Gut Microbiome

Tips to clean up your diet & exercise this spring

Written by Kean Health
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This spring we are taking a new approach to our diet and exercise with a lighter, brighter, and fresher mindset. It's tempting to gravitate towards detoxes and cleanses that claim you'll lose the weight within a matter of days. But what we need to keep in mind is that achieving a healthy weight is more than just a goal, it's a lifestyle to maintain. Here are 3 ways you can get a jump start on your weight loss journey through your gut health.

1. Lighten up your load by cleaning out your pantry!
Start by reading nutrition labels and ingredient lists. Most of the foods you can keep in your pantry for long periods of time are high in preservatives. like sodium and sugars. Getting rid of these kinds of foods can help decrease high blood pressure and reduce inflammation by lowering your intake of excess salt and sugars.
**Pro-tip make sure to check the expiration dates on your foods as well!

Find some healthy alternatives. Like;
→ Instead of sugary breakfast cereals, try old-fashioned 100% whole-grain oatmeal or cereal high in fiber.
→ Instead of Soda, try sparkling water, tea, or kombucha.
→ Find snack bars with less sugar, or make your own with healthier ingredients like nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.
→ Swap your store-brand bread for loaves with simpler ingredients like ones you can find in your local bakery.

2. Brighten up your exercise routine by spending more time outdoors.
→ Spending 15 minutes to an hour in the sunlight provides your body with a healthy dose of vitamin D. The best time to get sunlight is around midday when the sun is at its highest. In addition, studies have shown your body is most efficient at producing vitamin D around midday. However, don't forget to wear your sunscreen!
→ Build up your immune system by taking your workout outside. By being outdoors we are increasing the diversity of microbes in our body by being exposed to other microbes, this will help fight off future diseases and infections.

3. Freshen up your foods by choosing natural whole grains, fruits, and veggies!
→ While grocery shopping, choose foods with all-natural ingredients, whole grains, and high in dietary fibers to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut.
→ Focus on is selecting a variety of fruits and vegetables with an array of colors. The more colors you add the more microbial diversity you add to your gut.
→ Find a plant-based protein source, such as tofu or your beans. Simple and leaner proteins can help with managing fat intake.
→ Try incorporating polyphenols in your diet, such as those found in green tea or berries. These foods are packed with antioxidants and help protect you from free radicals.
→ Lastly, find foods high in dietary fiber with unrefined versus refined grains such as those found in oats or those found in brown rice. All of these elements together can help support the growth and development of your microbiome.

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